Friday, March 19, 2010

Foto Fun Friday: Trick Pony

i filled in for my little buddy's parents and became a chaperon today. at his preschool they are learning about the letter "G" so the school arranged a field trip to a local farm to visit some goats (and other farm animals too of course!).

while there, we saw a chicken lay an egg, we met big ol' sheeps, a pet chicken (very tame i tell you!), guinea fouls, rescued wild mustangs from Nevada, and a trick pony...and he gave me a kiss and a hand shake! alright!

i went on a field trip with my little buddy and got a hand shake from a pony

he gave me a pretty nice hairy kiss and a firm shake...although i was kind of scared and i think he could tell. anyway, i hope you all are enjoying this beautiful weather and having a great Friday!

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