Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let's beat it.

a project i am working on for The Fiercegrrl Fund

i finally dusted off my trusty sewing machine and started my very first project in over three weeks. DANG! this particular project will benefit The Fiercegrrl Fund, which will in turn directly benefit Nicole Puzan. i don't personally know Nicole, but she's a dear friend of OhMeaghan (who has brought this thing together! you go girl!), so i wanted to help any way possible. here's a little something about Nicole and the Fund:

"Nicole Puzan is a 26 year-old queer artist and crafter living in the DC metropolitan area. An active member of the local community, she has participated in a number of craft shows including Crafts 'n' Kisses and DC Craft Mafia's Unusual Suspects, as well as helped produce Phase Fest

She can no longer work and must make ends meet for medical and everyday expenses as best she can. This website has been set up to share her story and to provide people the opportunity to donate to help Nicole stay afloat and comfortable without worrying about how she will attend to her most basic needs. All donations generated through auctions and directly via the button to the left will go to Nicole.

Crafters are a tight-knit community, as are members of the queer/LGBTQ community, and it's our duty to help lift up and support our friends in their most desperate times of need.
and other queer events. In early 2010, she was diagnosed with Stage IIIc ovarian cancer and currently faces intense chemotherapy and a fight for her life."

every knows cancer sucks, so every little bit helps. you can donate money, services, craft...or even blood (if you're A+) since Nicole has just recently started Chemo. if you would like to donate something to be auctioned off, feel free to contact so far, the fund has raised over $1000 dollars through the auction and donations.

lets come together for a great cause! i will let you know when this little cutie goes up on the block.

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