Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Coast to Cote: Week 16

banner from our project

looks like our unofficial theme of week 16 were windows...

Week 16: windows (competely unplanned)

Pang: April showers bring May flowers...that has never been more true. It has rained cats and dogs for the past two days. We were even on a tornado watch on Sunday! We were at a cook out and most people migrated to the basement for safety. Anywho, rainy days are especially hard when it comes to babysitting. Nothing dampens your plans more, especially if there is no TV/movie involved. My poor little buddy was dying to be outdoors (although it doesn't look it in the photograph, it was pouring) and just sat there staring, looking super sorry. Poor thing.

Lacey: Im pretty much convinced now that the only way to learn a langauge is to live in a place where the language is spoken. I really really love it here in France and I have yet to get over the novelty that everything is written in French and all you hear on the street (for the most part) is French. I am going to miss this place so much - so I have been taking more pictures of everyday mundane things - just to have them to look back at one day.

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