Friday, April 23, 2010

Foto Fun Friday: Need vs. Want

dilemma, originally uploaded by recovering lazyholic.

although today's post is not exactly a photograph, i still want to post it. i stumbled upon this gem and it just tickled me because this is usually my dilemma in the morning...and the waffle (with syrup) prevails.

there's a whole series from the Austin (i think) artist, Erin. she writes:

"when i was 8 i wanted a puppy
when i was 10 i wanted parachute pants
when i was 12 i wanted an ogilvie perm
when i was 14 i wanted a boy named robbie
when i was 16 i wanted a car
when i was in my 20s i wanted to make bad choices
now i want everything
i only need enough to survive"

i love all of it, mostly because i can relate to them all...especially the one about the green thumb (because i have a black thumb).

check them all out here and check her blog out here!

have a nice Friday!

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