Friday, April 30, 2010

Foto Fun Friday: cat lady

our pets.

i have been quite the cat lady lately, obsessing over whether or not CJ will be sleeping next to me and wanting to pet him all the time. trust me, it hasn't always been like this. CJ and i have a love/hate relationship. we didn't like each other for the longest time! he used to bite and scratch me so we would generally stay away from each other. now things have changed, and i don't know if it has anything to do with us moving to a new place or what, but he has just been a sweet heart (of course Remy is still my baby girl!).

since he's been more affectionate, i've been obsessed with photographing him...mostly cause he hates being photographed. i caught him all sprawled out on our bed the other night (this cat loves to spread out!), so i couldn't help myself. and of course, since CJ has been getting all of the attention, Remy is more neurotic than ever. she just can't let him be in the lime light.

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