Saturday, April 10, 2010

Foto Fun Friday: Toilet Party

sorry this is a little late. yesterday i worked a double and came home exhausted. then some how i proceeded to stay up all night drooling over my next lens/external flash purchase (for an upcoming wedding). after talking to J, i've decided i'm not going to settle, i'm going to save big and get the lens of my dreams...but first i need to master the flash, since i mostly work with natural light

um, anyway, too much's today's (yesterday's) photo:

toilet party

yup, those are toilets, just hanging out in a down the street from our place. my friend Brian and i took a quick peek into an old barn and found someone's secret stash of toilets. i wonder if it's a hoarding thing? guess i will never know.


Franny said...

What great light! It looks like the toilets are glowing . . . of all things.

Pang said...

thanks Franny. the light was hitting them so perfectly!


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