Saturday, April 10, 2010

the Fiercegrrl Fund

ok gang!!! Pinky Lee (beautifully dubbed by Oh Meaghan herself!) is up on the auction block over at the Fiercegrrl Fund blog. bid bid bid!!!

oh! and speaking of Oh Meaghan, be sure to hop over to The Friends List for some great handmade finds! here's what The Friends List is all about:

"The Friends List is a website dedicated to supporting handmade and vintage sellers. It is a website solely curated by its readers..namely, YOU! We're in a recession, and while our wallets may often be a tad empty, our hearts certainly aren't.

A Friends List is a great way to remind a friend that they're always on your mind and in your heart, a fun way to learn more about how your friend sees you, and perhaps even an interesting way to share the things you see on a myriad of handmade (and vintage) selling sites in one, short curated list."

i haven't gotten the chance to do one, but feel free to submit your's. Meaghan posted some finds she thought i might like and they were on point!! i love her!

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