Tuesday, April 13, 2010

my bad habits

i have a terrible habit of starting things and not finishing them...on top of that, i start projects on top of the other! as we speak, i am working on THREE different sets of plushies and editing three different shoots. kind of makes me want to cry when i think about how much time i don't have on my hands to finish them in a timely manner...but then again, i did it to myself (or i 'chose' this life as Lacey would say)...and on top of that, i LOVE crafting and photography...so i guess i did choose this life...ugh...has any one ever thought of extending the hours of the day?

(eye see you! a stack of felt eyes for a new pin!)

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Lacey Walker said...

The credit for "You chose this life" actually goes to Brian Im sorry to say. Do you remember? It was at your birthday last year when we went to Dish and Ryan came and there was only one thing on the menu he could get, some kind of mixed veg risotto, that he wasnt thrilled about, and Brian, friendly giant that he is used the phrase "You chose this life." He won Ryan's friendship immediately with that one.


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