Thursday, April 15, 2010

nuggets, nuggets, nuggets, and more nuggets!!

Thursday is my favorite day of the week. mostly because i'm off and i could spend the day doing whatever i wanted, which is usually going somewhere with J. since he has been feeling under the weather and rested all day, i decided to spend the day sewing. i sewed, took breaks, sewed, walked into town, had a smoothie, sewed some more, annoyed J (really fun!), and sewed until we went over to his parent's house for dinner. all in day i'd say it was pretty successful. i finished more chicken nuggets, and am 75% done with more PANGUINS. yay for getting things done!

i free handed the shapes, so some of them seem a little wonky...but i think it adds to the cuteness. i'm not quite sure how i feel about the mustachio'd one though.

guess what? chicken butts!

and while we are looking at pictures, i'll show you what else i took pictures of today...

this here is Tater. she belongs to J's parents. i've been dating J for almost three years and have never EVER gotten a photograph of Taterkins...she hates the camera. everything i would point my camera her way, she would move and whine...but not today! she complied and was wonderful! perhaps it was the beautiful weather, but we will never know.

here's my handsome bearded man. J said he looks mean in this photograph, but i beg to differ. there's a little smile on that face! and then he took a picture of me being a little sassy. love this photo.

i hope your Thursday was good too. see you tomorrow for Foto Fun Friday!


Anonymous said...

those chicken nuggets are toooo cute.


Pang said...

thanks b!

Anonymous said...

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