Friday, May 28, 2010

Foto Fun Friday: i love kitteh kats!

my friend Leah's cat (and her mom's cats) just had a litter (or two). there are a whole bunch of kewt kittehs looking for new homes (if you're interested, email me!). since i LOVE kittens, i scheduled a little date with her for a visit. honestly, i thought that maybe i could talk J into letting have another kitten if i took a whole bunch of cute photos and pleaded my case...failed.

i took a good bit of photos (including an idea i had in my head that involved Leah, but that's another post, i think), and i caught some mid yawn. like this one...

i want to submit this to LOLcats
i couldn't resist putting a caption on it. it's little paw was on an empty Cheetos bag and i just had to go there...i'm thinking about submitting in to LOLcats.

and if you like kittens as much as i do, then i know you will enjoy these as well...

oh helro!

my friend Leah is giving away tons of free kittens, they are  adorable!
and as always, there are more here. have a great Friday!

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