Thursday, May 27, 2010

Coast to Cote: week 20

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it's week 20 and Lacey's back from France, yay! last night we got together with a couple of her other friends and had some yummy dinner. this week, our photographs coincidentally go together. i hope to enjoy our farm animal diptych.

Coast to Cote: week 20

Pang: I might have mentioned that there's a little farm at the down the street from where I work. My little buddy and I pass it everyday and we love to stop by and say hello to the owners and the farm animals (ie. ducks and chickens). The other day, Amy (the farm owner) took us to the chicken coup to visit with their latest addition, a little peep. It was super soft and cute and I couldn't resist snapping a quick was one day old! I think I might have enjoyed seeing the fuzzy little thing more than my buddy did!

Lacey: While we were on vacation last week one of my favorite things we did was visit a cow farm. A cow farm for meat production (unfortch) but a cow farm all the same. I was so surprised by how curious the cows are, coming inches away from me to sniff my boots and lick my hand. These particular cows are Limousin cows (from Limoges)! Arent they pretty?

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