Monday, May 24, 2010

rain, rain...went away

Sunday started out not so fantastic. lots of rain was in the area and it dampened the start of Handmade Mart. J and i (and most everyone) had to put up tarp walls (or if you owned a easy up, nice white walls) to protect ourselves and the FINGS against all that water that was falling from the sky.

the booth in the rain
once it stopped though, people started to show up and things were good. i got to see lots of familiar faces (thank you return customers and friends from home!) and meet new people!

here are some photos just in case you missed it!

sticks and Fings with wingsgreat lamps from Minda Merinsky
Fings in suitcases (i got this one from a thrift store for $3, steal!) and awesome lamps by Minda Merinsky!

Gray skies
scary rain clouds

take one
Oh Meaghan was there to lend a helping hand with her sunny yellow shirt! one day, we will win this gigantic mustache!

Ned from Maneating Flower
met Ned from Maneating Flower. i just freakin love the name!

hand painted sign
i was really smart and painted a paper sign. logo by This Paper Ship of course! and Handmade Mart wouldn't be complete without these lovely ladies! they are the best!

Oh Pretty Little Ginger Chickadee!
thanks to This Chickadee's booth partner and friend, Dandelion Blu for the photograph!

go here for more photos!


this chickadee said...

thanks to pang for being awesome!


Meaghan said...

You take the purtiest pictures, Pangaroo. It was a great day and I was so happy to be a part of it for my favorite ladeez.

Hope Mr. Wheeze is feeling better, too.

maneatingflower said...

The pictures all look great! And yes, it was such a good day once the rain left. I hope you had a good day too!


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