Friday, May 21, 2010

Foto Fun Friday!

as i mentioned in the Coast to Cote post, i had a photoshoot in Frederick over the weekend. towards the end of the shoot, i was looking to do something different. i saw a couple of guys resting on a bench with their bmx bikes and came up with an idea. i walked up them and asked if they wouldn't mind doing tricks in the background while i took some photographs of my model in the foreground. they didn't seem to mind and so i asked if there was a spot were we could go so no one would get in trouble...cause most of the time skateboarding and bmx-ing is illegal in public places...they walked us over to Carroll Creek. it took as a couple of tries (i had to count out loud), and i'm pretty happy with the shots. my only wish would have been that they were all in the air at the same time. maybe i could catch these guys another day and we'll try it again! next time i'll bring my fish eye!

dudes who let me photograph them doing tricks.(Andrew, Tyler, and Shawn?)

Andrew, Tyler, & Shawn

ps - have i told you i really enjoy taking photos of bmx-ers and skateboarders?

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