Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Spring means the return of the local Farmer's Market. (you know i love going there cause i know i have several posts with lots of photographs.) back in April i saw some really beautiful radishes, French Breakfast Radishes to be exact.

i love the farmer's market. it's full of inspiration

i've never actually had these before, but they look so scrumptious! i love it's bright colors and it just so stinking cute! i couldn't help myself and have been obsessing over them, drawing them in my doodle book and on our chalk board in the kitchen. i finally found some time to make them into FINGS!

french breakfast radish plush

it's not size accurate and the leaves are a bit different from the actually radishes, but i love the way they all turned out! i hope you like them too. they will be debuting at Handmade Mart this Sunday!

french breakfast radishes

on another note: week 19 of Coast to Cote will be posted tomorrow. i am still sick and had to call off work tonight. (thanks to my good friend and co-worker, Brian, for covering my shift) but rest assured that i am taking the necessary steps to get myself better. i took some meds this evening and zonked. i just woke up to have some dinner and am about to go back to bed. must get some rest!


Meaghan said...

Vos radis sont merveilleux!

I used Babelfish to translate that, as I do not speak French very well. But srsly, these are great! You have a great brain, Pangaroo.

Anonymous said...

tres bien! i used my elementary school french for that. you are awesome. these are awesome. has the sickness made you even more awesome? i was going to wish you well until you posted these. ok, i'm still going to wish you well. feel better!


Lacey said...

French Breakfast eh? I can't say I've been offered any radishes for breakfast while I've been here but I have eaten a whole ton of radishes for lunch and dinner I'm sure. In any case these are super cute!

Pang said...

merci beaucoup mes amies!


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