Tuesday, May 18, 2010



there's so much green around me you'd think it was my favorite color. i can't wait to get a good shot of what i just finished with these. it's new!

i am currently under the weather (i want to be over the weather dang it!), so progress has been slow. i took a whole lot of meds and got to lay down a good bit during work...lets cross our fingers i feel better by Sunday, heck, better by tomorrow! despite my boss' wishes for me to come home and sleep my sickies away, i got down to business and finished a commissioned quilt square for a retiring guidance counselor from my Alma mater...note: first time for quilt square or anything quilt related, finished a batch of new plush (see above), and started on some old favorites (also green). i made oatmeal for J and i for dinner so i could take some more meds and i am now ready for bed. i hope everyone has had a good day. g'night


Meaghan said...


I hope you feel better, Pangaroo. I will be there to help prop you up and give you breaks. It'll be great. *muah*

Pang said...

close (see next post).

thanks Meaghan. can't wait to see you!


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