Tuesday, May 11, 2010

so much love

finally, i finished and sent off the photographs from the photoshoot i had with the Sloughs. did i mention that this has been my very favorite shoot so far? this family is just plain adorable. there's just so much love in their hearts and you can see it by the way they look at each other.

although i loved every.single.one. of the photographs, i did have my very favorites and i wanted to show some off to you, dear readers (is anybody out there?)...

i'm also in love with this one

this shot makes my heart melt. you can see that there's so much  love between themawww

he was laying on a suitcase

i've looked up to Heather ever since we were young (her brother and i are good friends). so you could imagine what it was like for me to take these photographs at first...I WAS SO NERVOUS! and on top of that, i was worried that they might not love the photos as much as i do. sometimes i doubt myself and i really shouldn't have with this batch. everyone loved them, even Haiden's (the little man) Grammy loves them! i can't wait for them to have more children so i could take for photos of their beautiful family...creepy?

anyway, i hope you all enjoyed sharing time. as always, there are more on Flickr, so you could wander over there as well. goodnight!


Anonymous said...

pang! you are a fantastic photographer!! pangtastic!!!


Pang said...

aww, thanks Becky!

Stephanie said...

I saw you walkin' around taking these. In fact, when I pulled up to park my car, I looked over at the top of a hill and said, "why the hell is there a kid in a suitcase...?"

And then I realized.


These are fantastic.


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