Saturday, July 10, 2010

hello friends! photo heavy!!!!!

just checking in folks. i'm getting back to it...slowly, but surely. these are some of the things i've been up to:

blueberry muffins
i've been baking a good bit with the girls. they picked blueberries with their family and so we made really simple blueberry muffins with them

digging a sand pit
a mini beach trip with Lacey & Brian. they buried me in was fun while it lasted but not fun afterward

yum yum
eating Maryland crabs...they are my favorite

having girl time

having some much needed family time

the Bachelorette
a bachelorette party in Baltimore

enjoying dinner on the grill (not mine though)

4th of July
meeting/making new friends and fireworks

puppy love
loving on Remy! my most favorite thing on this earth!

tomorrow is a HUGE day! Liz & Cory are finally getting married (and so are my good friends Jess & Chris. love you guys!). this will be my very first wedding as the head photographer (luckily, i will have good help!)...please wish me luck.

thanks for sticking around. i hope your Saturday is fabulous.

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