Tuesday, July 13, 2010

what i'm doing...

yesterday i took the day off to go over photos from Liz & Cory's wedding. a set up a little station in the livingroom (where there was more light!) and got down to business.

new temporary work space

it took me pretty much all day to just look at all the photos (i did get side tracked with chores and a light nap...). my friend, Brian, was my assistant/second shooter for the day and when we combined our shots, i almost fell over! i have quite a bit to work with! here's a sneak peek!

Liz & Cory sneak peek!

more on the wedding in a few days!

ps - i'm going to try my hardest at updating the ol' blogo more often, so watch out for me on your blogroll! i'm back!...kind of...

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