Sunday, September 26, 2010

Foto Fun Friday: cute babies

on Thursday, i got the pleasure to photograph one of the cutest and the happiest of babies. Josie and her parents wanted some family photographs and hail all the way from Pittsburgh. they had me photograph them while visiting some friends in the area.

i was looking for some sort of prop in the shed when my eyes stumbled upon this purple bucket. you know my favorite color is purple so i couldn't pass it up...and i mean, babies in buckets?!? loads of cuteness! Josie's parents were really cool when i told them about the idea, so when we got to the right location, we put her right in. Josie is a natural, but with the help of Natalie, he laughed and smiled from ear to ear! the most spectacular moment happened when Josie stood up for the first time. we all cheered in delight and i was lucky enough to have caught the moment on camera. it was magical!

i photographed Josie last Thursday. she stood up for the first time and i got a snapshot of it!

sorry this post is late. we were without internet for a couple of days and it's been a rather busy/hectic weekend. please forgive me!

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