Monday, September 20, 2010

weekend trip

the weekend trip to NY/NJ was jam packed. the wedding in Bedminster, NJ was small and laid back and the food was utterly amazing. since the groom's family is from the south, they offered things like southern sweet tea, seafood gumbo, and sweet potato casserole in a buffet style dinner. Molly and i were completely touched by how much love there was floating around. we both got all teary eyed during a couple of toasts at the rehearsal dinner (which by the way was amazing) and we both choked up during the father/daughter dance.

lets dance

on Sunday we went into the city since Molly had two shoots lined up on the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side. i tagged along and helped carry bags and push strollers for the families so they would be at the ready. it was so nice cause we got to see two separate sides of Manhattan since i had never been to those parts and it was right next to both of the rivers surrounding the city. we walked around Hudson River Park and Central Park.

i tagged along with Molly during her shoots in NYC this weekend. it was awesome!

oh! and i got to meet another adorable Boston, Otis. he belonged to the very first family Molly photographed. he was super chill and just all around cute! i totally made a love connection for Remy without her knowing it!

Otis feeling a wee bit tired.
(after his three hour walk, Otis was ready for his nap)

all in all it was a very fun trip. busy, but fun. the weather was perfect and i couldn't have asked for more. what did you do?

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