Friday, September 17, 2010

the reinstatement of Foto Fun Friday

i don't know if anybody ever enjoyed these, but i figured why not bring it back? if i wanted to bring routine back into my life, why not my blog? right? i mean, Shepherdstown is full of interesting stuff!

for instance, meet Weimer and his pet squirrel. her name is Mighty Mouse. he found her when she was a baby and has since raised her as a pet. Mighty Mouse pretty much goes everywhere with him (ie. hanging out underneath his hat and chilling in his book bag). as i was waiting for dinner one night, Weimer came up to us and asked if we wanted to see her. i couldn't help but seize the opportunity to snap a photograph

Might Mouse and her owner

i'm off to NJ/NY for the weekend to assist with photographing a wedding. it should be a really great experience and i was told the bride is super crafty! perhaps this wedding is right up my alley!

have a great one!

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