Monday, September 19, 2011

Train Trip: Day 1

My bosses told me that a journey is not an adventure until something goes wrong. Well, I guess we got off to a pretty good start when we found out that our reservations started on the 8th (the day we called Amtrak)instead of today, September 18th. (and yes, i FREAKED out for a few minutes and the counter ladies couldnt find our reservation info) Because Amtrak thought we missed our rides, our reservations were messed up and we had to add a stop to Spokane, Wa.

We forgot to stop at a grocery store to grab some fruits and bread for dinner and by the fourth hour of the ride, we were starving. Train dinner was out of the question because it was so expensive so we started eating the snacks we got, but that quickly ended since it couldn't keep us full. We had to bite the bullet and bought $2.25 Cup O' Noodles to hold us over and so far so good

All is well now and we are en route to Chicago. We just passed Pittsburgh and are hoping to be in Chicago around 8:30 the next morning.

So far on our first leg of the trip we've met a couple named John and Marsha. John sat down with us at the dining area and shared a little bit about his life. He and Marsha have been married for 38 years and met when he moved into an apartment above her's in New Jersey. He talked to us about his favorite city and told us some jokes...dirty ones we'll be sure to tell our dear friends back home.

Since i'm updating on my phone, I won't be able to load the photos. Maybe when we stop in Chicago, i'll add some. Goodnight friends. Let's hope all we get some sleep.

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