Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Train Trip: Day 2

After lack of sleep from day one we found ourselves in Chicago on day two. The early morning rush around the city was a bit of a turn off for me. We didn't really meet too many friendly people either. We made our way on foot to a breakfast place called Eggsperience that we'd found on Yelp. The food and good and they served big portions at an affordable price...but their coffee was horrible! ($2.69 for a house mug of terrible coffee!) it made me miss drinking Counter Culter coffee from home.

After gorging ourselves full of good food, we made our way towards Millennium Park to see the Bean. We made pit stops at a local grocery store to stock up on some fruit and dinner for later (a lesson learned from the night before). I got two avocado sushi rolls for $3.99...something you can't get for that price back home. When we got to Millenium Park, we took photos at the Bean and marveled at the structure. It was pretty dang cool. I spent a long time trying to figure out a pose for a photo that would make me look like I was standing on the Bean, but I gave up shortly after when they girls didn't seem very amused.

We made our way back to Union Station since we didn't have much more time to explore and lounged around for a bit. Meg goselected for a random bag check as we boarded the train to Austin...they wiped her luggage with a piece of paper and ran it through a machine and that was that. Our trip from Chicago to Austin will take us roughly 17 hours and 1121 miles or so.

I'm disappointed to say that Chicago didn't make much of an impact on me as far as considering it a future hometown. Sure, I loved the architechture and the structures of the old subway, but it made me feel like I was in DC. I talked to a friend who had been there and loved it and we both came to a conclusion that it could have been because I didn't have enough time to explore the greener side of the city. Perhaps another trip back in the future is needed.

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