Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Train Trip: day 10


i wanted to shout that at the top of my lungs this morning after i woke up and realized(remembered) that i was reunited with Seattle once again. it's been two whole years since i've breathed the fresh/light air and walked it's streets but i still remember my last trip vividly. 

we got our start at 8:30 this morning and headed to get a crumpet at The Crumpet Shop. i was so happy to get to be the tour guide for a change and was also glad the girls loved Crumpets...cause let's face it, if they didn't like Crumpets, then we could no longer be friends. we walked around Pike Place Market, got lost in the sea of uniformed Japanese school girls, went down to the Pier to see the Puget Sound, went to an antiques store, and stopped by a printing press. we met up with our friend Vincenzo, went antiquing a little more, then headed for the Capitol Hill neighborhood. we walked around, went to a huge music store (where i bought a cd! first time in years!!), got some yummy ice cream, and walked a million miles to Volunteer Park. Volunteer Park was pretty gorgeous and he took us to the top of the water tower, the green house, through the Dahlia garden, and pointed out the cemetery in which Bruce Lee was buried. 

we took a bus into the Ballard neighborhood and had dinner at a rather cool vegetarian Thai restaurant. YUMMY! we caught up a bit at a tea house, Mira, where i drank a Bourbon Street Rooibos after our new friend, Taylor, recommended. we met up with my friend, Shelly, at a really cool placed called King's. i sampled a few beers and decided on the Deschutes organic ale, while Ashley had a locally made ginger beer. we all caught up for a bit and it was wonderful.

unfortunately, we were all a bit tired so we hoped a bus back downtown. now i'm sitting in the common room of the Green Tortoise watching the Big Bang Theory. oh! did i tell you we were staying in a hostel? no? well, we're staying at the Green Tortoise on Pike and 1st. it's a cute little place where they have free dinners 3 days in a week (we just missed ours tonight) and free breakfast every morning (you have to make it yourself!) i'm sharing a bunk with Meg and i'm sleeping on the top bunk. i feel like a little kid again!!

my battery is slowly dying so i should go. our Seattle adventures have been super fun. tomorrow we depart around 4 in the afternoon. i love it here and i know i'm not going to want to leave. (i just love the fresh air here!) after stopping in Spokane, Wa, we begin our 2 day trek back to Chicago and home. i'm so excited since we'll be passing some beautiful parts of the US. I'll be keeping you updated as much as possible for sure. 


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