Tuesday, September 30, 2008

i was completely wiped out!

...from Crafty Bastards that i took a blog hibernation...and all i did was shop! i can't imagine what the crafters themselves feel like.

i REALLY LOVED CB in DC. it was even bigger and better than the other bastard...with b boys and Thai food. of course, yours truly did take some pictures...

Craft and Make Magazines had a tent for people to preview their magazines and to make things...i made a button ring!
a Sarah Palin pin
pretty cool shirts. J and i both got a "Beards, not Bombs" shirt.
hair cutting in the middle of Crafty Bastards
she's got all of the bases covered
more pins...but i forgot who they belong to, i seemed to have misplaced the owner's card!
b boy battle...i got a really great seat right at the front of the circle!
i took like a hundred pictures of the dance off alone! can you tell i had a blast taking them? i also had a blast meeting various artists (like Heidi from My Paper Crane and Chris from ChrisCreatures), but i think my favorite meet was Becky from This Chickadee. would you have thought that we have been email-pals since the last Crafty Bastards?!?! how unlikely. and for a while J thought that i was going crazy and "emailing" no one. it was so nice to put a face to the name (cause she does a very good job at excluding herself from any pictures on her blog)...and did you notice from the picture above what she's posing with? well, if it isen't a PrettyLittleFings owl! finally, i got to give her something from the 100th post giveaway. i've been procrastinating!

anywho, NOW i get to show you the loot that i walked away with...
Remmers got something too! an octopus chew toy and she loves it. the poor thing isen't nice and fresh anymore.

what did you get?

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this chickadee said...

i got to meet two really great people and prove that i'm not imaginary. and the cutest, dearest little owl who has made a home amid spools of thread and bobbins. thank you!


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