Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big Boy!

guess who turned two this past week? my man C of course! needless to say, i spoiled him a little this week. we went out for cupcakes, i attempted to make him an Elmo pillow (i'll try to get a picture of the sad little fing soon), went to the park, hung out with friends, and went to the "People's Monment" aka, the Rumsy Monument...we have so much fun together!

it's so funny how they grow up so fast. i still remember vividly when i first went in for my interview/ meet & greet. poor C was just a little infant, nearly three months old. now he's counting (he was counting the steps as we were climbing them to get to the monument), says "i luv you," and wants to do everything for himself, "i do it," he cute. next month will be exactly two years since i've been with him. but i was already in his life before he knew it. i used to work for a preschool that his older sister went to, i think that's really how i got the job, cause his parents already knew me. Claire was only five went i met her, and she just had a birthday (the day before C' cool?) and now she's 8! holy cow!

i don't know how parents do it, watch their children get older. i get sad just thinking about how one day, C won't have needs for me anymore and i'll just be a mere memory. i hope that day is not tomorrow. sigh!

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