Sunday, December 7, 2008

this is...

ok, so as some of you might already know. "This is" is no more. but just to do it one last time...or until some one else picks up the hosting position (thanks for being a wonderful hostess, Angela!)...this is my...this is!

this is what i did this weekend! haha...

instead of doing things around the house, i procrastinated.

on friday nights after work, we usually go out for a cocktail. Lacey was meeting some friends at a local watering hole, so i tagged along...and we danced until the wee hours of the night. i'm pretty sure the next day Lacey told me her abs were hurting from dancing...really, how does that happen?

the next morning there was a Christmas parade in town. i know it's only the first weekend of December, but Shepherdstown loves them some Christmas. the street was packed, there were candy everywhere, and the Grinch even made an appearance!

afterwards, i met up with my old roommates for lunch...and i had the best burger in town...a Mecklinburger: a huge burger with your choice of a fried egg or bacon, but i chose both! (next time i will get a picture) it was so good, i could probably have one right now!!

what a weekend. how was your's?

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