Thursday, December 4, 2008

i'm not dead...really! so let us catch up!

we survived thanksgiving and the move!

we picked the worst day ever to move; it rained and it was miserable...completely. but we got through it and now we are slowly unpacking and rearranging. the animals are slowly getting used to the new place and each other (Remy is too scared to come down the steps by herself, CJ is super curious, and Hibou has become trapped in her own room!).

for the first few days there were four of us in our cozy apartment, plus two dogs and two cats. our friend Keylan moved from Florida to live in our old apartment in Hagerstown, but had to stay with us while it was getting inspected and cleaned, so for three nights he slept in the kitchen with his 90 lbs dog, Annabelle.

on our first night as roommates (monday) Lacey and i made hamburgers, mashed potatoes, and salad for dinner...and for dessert, Lacey made pumpkin pie. yum!

on the second night, the boys had a guy's night in Hagerstown, and Lacey had to work, so i went to my friend's art/music show at a local restaurant.

Lindsey had all of her stuff tacted on the wall (i had a better picture, so i'll put it on flickr) all the way up to the ceiling.

Lizz King took care of the entertainment. it was a great night.

it's been fun getting into the grove of being back in town (i've been riding my bike to work!). speaking of my bike, i finally got it!

yay! thanks Matt from Literacy Bikes!

anyway, our apartment is coming together very nicely and i even foresee a Lacey/Pang bloglaboration in the future. i will try to be a better blogger (we don't have the internet quite yet, but Lacey is letting me use her computer...yay!), so i just have to get my butt in gear. stay tuned you guys!


this chickadee said...

that is a freakin' awesome bike

Pang said...

thank you! i love this thing!


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