Monday, January 19, 2009


the show last night went rather well. the guys (from Black Thorn Gallery) thought that they wouldn't have enough pieces, but the place filled up nicely...

robots in a terrarium. neat!i think my favorite piece was the "Swanky Bot," the one in the middle there. too bad it was not for salehere's a shot of J's painting...the robot with the Lomo camera as a head. this is probably my favorite painting of histhis R2 was also one of my faves...actually, correction. It is bad!
i got a nice little print of the "Love Bot" located next to mine
i'm pretty sure the best part about the show was finding out that my robot was sold even before the show started. (i'm patting myself on the shoulder as we speak)'s really bittersweet for me to have sold it. i almost scrapped the whole project about five times out of fits of frustration, but it all came together at the end and i ended up really liking the finished product! i wonder what the new owner's going to do with it...hmmm...

anyway, who's excited about tomorrow? i know i am.

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ryAn said...

that's C3PO, not R2


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