Monday, January 26, 2009

Work in Progress

been working on these fings for the past week or so. got a good idea going for Valentine's day so i'm rolling with it. i'm excited to see the finished product...hopefully that'll be soon!

oh! and i wanted to show you this picture of Lacey. She was making dinner and cutting up some onions. i suggested swimming goggles (that's what i used to wear back in the days of hot dog slinging) to stop the tears, but she said she heard that you can wear a metal bowl over your head instead...go ahead girl, go ahead...

has anyone ever even heard of that before? i sure haven't.


mberenis said...
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Meaghan said...

Um, nice lil' bit of spam up there!

I hope you're covered in delightful, fluffy snow!!

Is that berber carpeting you're using? Or are my eyes deceiving me?

Lacey said...

mahaha...i hates you pang. Im very sensitive to onions.

Pang said...

that spam is was weird!

Meaghan - now we are slowly going to be covered with ice. how's your neck of the woods? and no, that's not carpeting, although it is very close to it. i found this fabric in the furry section and thought it was interesting. do you hate it?

Lacey - i'm sorry if i offended you with the picture. everyone is sensitive to onions lady...well, maybe you're extra sensitive. where did you hear that wives tale anyway?

over and out!

Meaghan said...

Lacey - I didn't know about the bowl technique, and you're not a jackass for trying it. I'm going to try it next time I cut onions, actually. I doubt I will look as cool doing it, however.

Pang - I like it! I was just impressed that you were using berber carpet as a material, as it will piss off your sewing machine. :-)

Pang said...

my sewing machine will be angry, but won't know it until i finish hand sewing, then it's on. when you put a bowl over your head, do take a picture!


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