Wednesday, March 4, 2009

lucky gurl

my berfday is coming up in a few days. J has managed to spoil me by giving me a gift every night until the actual day. (yay gifts!)
i got this cute necklace from the Sea Change last night.

and a pink Fuji Instax Mini the night before. i saw it while we were watching Yes Man (a pretty funny movie) and couldn't stop geeking out about i guess he got it for me to shut me up... i've only taken three pictures with it so far. i'm waiting to take a ton down in DC tomorrow when we plan on visiting the Spy Museum (i'm crossing my fingers!!)

tonight i got a an arm band for my Zune and beautiful dress that i had fell in love with up in PA last week. J said he went to three places to get the right size! (sigh) i feel so lucky.


Meaghan said...

Happy Early Birthday! I don't think we'll be able to make it to Shepherdstown this weekend, but we'll be there sometime soon. :-)

Pang said...

thank you lady! maybe another time then!

this chickadee said...

happy birthday!! and good job j.


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