Monday, April 13, 2009

a day late friend

for Christmas, my cousin got me this Cute Stuff has taken me months to finally get to try my hands at a project out of it! i should have really been working on other projects (that's usually how it goes right?), but when i got this cute white rabbit print a while back, i knew i wanted to make something for Easter. so i took a break and accomplished a mission, although a day late. since it is the season for allergies and the sniffles, i chose the tissue cover for days when i work with C. instead of finding tissues everywhere (in various pockets and purses), why not put them in one place?

i also made a matching bag for when i bring my crafty projects with me to work...lets just say the old one was in need of a replacement. i didn't have any drawstrings (or felt like making one out of fabric) so i used a ribbon instead. the final product looks more like something you would find around Valentine's Day though. oh well!


Bagladee said...

They look lovely, where did you get that yummy bunny fabric from? x

this chickadee said...

super cute! i love those bunnies.


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