Sunday, June 21, 2009

another reason to love Shepherdstown

because i know you guys will be coming to Shepherdstown for the Street Fest next Saturday,
i thought i'd tell you a little about what you can find here...

yesterday i had the pleasure of meeting some really nice people, a husband and wife duo and the owners of a new jewelry store in town, Plum. cute name right? it doesn't stop there! inside, you'll find an array of wonderful indie jewelry, some hand crafted by Cari right in front of your eyes!

(how neat!)
(Cari works with sterling silver and uses stamps on them. like this bracelet above!)
and on the walls, you'll see brightly colored pieces floating around the store.
that's on paint people! it's photographs by David!

(Flock by David Rosen)

intrigued? get a load of what the storefront looks like...

so simple, crisp, and beautiful!

what do you think? see you next week!

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jerseymaids said...

i love plum! cari and david are so sweet.


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