Friday, August 28, 2009

new old things

here's something i'm currently working on for my cousin Kelly. she just started a cookie business (on top of her regular two we can totally understand eachother!), and is selling in Urbana at the Farmer's Market on sundays. unfortunately, i haven't been able to make it there to support her, so i'm going to send FINGS instead. it's actually going to be a part of a series of two or three (if it works out) items. this guy was supposed to be a pouch, but it didn't turn out that you could now just shove cookies into it...or whatever. Loveydoodle Cookie Emporium has a poll every week for a fan choice cookie on Facebook, so when you are a fan, you get to vote!!

i've tried making cookies before. the last time was for as a Christmas gift to a friend. he would always ask me if i brought him a cookie, so i finally did! it was one of the first FINGS i've ever could definitely see a bit of a difference here.

another FING that's been in the works is a giant Mr. Pickles with a Darfur heart patch. i made him for an upcoming benefit/concert being held in She-town...tomorrow. it will be a part of an art auction mostly donated by local artists. i think our little chickadee is donating something.

so come out if you're around. it's rain or shine!!

back to work for me!

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