Monday, November 16, 2009

Funday Sunday

like i had mentioned a couple of days ago, i was commissioned to photograph a friend and her pups on Sunday...unfortunately, she had to reschedule. honestly i was a little bummed, but luckily, my cousin Kelly was coming visit anyway, so we made a day of it. she had never been to Shepherdstown before, so i took her for a walk and visited all of the shops and showed her some of my favorite spots.

one of my favorite places in town
(the Meck's garden. one of my favorite places)

talking about politics
(BK [Bar Kitteh] took my seat and started talking to Kelly about politics)

BK is a serious kitteh
(he was not happy when i asked for my seat back)

a view from the monument
(then we took a walk to the monument and enjoyed the view and talked some more)

the day was full of catching up and talking about our hobbies/business (Kelly has a budding cookie business). i was so glad she came over. does anyone else want a tour of Shepherdstown?


CupcakeSniper said...

wow what a beautiful place!!!

Anonymous said...

i've had one tour but i never got any can i please have another?


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