Sunday, November 22, 2009

i love this town

every now and then, i am reminded of how much i enjoy being a local in Shepherdstown. today i saw:

only in I wrong?

signs for a psychic fair (only in Shepherdstown?)...i was really curious so i checked it out! sure glad i did because i got to support my friend Elijah and his tea company.

Elijah & his tea

things i see in town
while taking out the trash, i saw a local teaching another how to repel...i think.

since the recession, the Christmas tree has had to work harder than ever...and it's not even Thanksgiving yet.
at the Sunday farmer's market, i saw a Christmas tree working hard to promote Christmas early. i guess the recession has hit every one.

funny looking thingy
funky looking parsnips

and babies!!

hope your weekend was fun. i had two photo shoots in the last two days and i can't wait to show you a little preview. so exciting!

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