Friday, November 20, 2009

new & better?

so i ran into an obstacle the other day at the fabric store...they didn't have the color fleece that i've been using for the sugar cookies, so i had to improvise on the spot and go with another color. there was no way i was keep looking for the fabric and waste time when Holiday Shop-n-Stroll (check out my vendor Q & A) is in two weeks!! yikes!

i chose a very very light light tan (think cream) and honestly, i don't think it turned out so bad. i mean, cause sugar cookies are pretty little in comparison to the rest, right?

the new and lighter sugar cookie


these guys are a little more on the time consuming side since i sew on the beads one at a time. the little ones are ok, but the bigger cookie is a doozy! luckily, i was watching the finale of Project Runway as i was sewing, so it was all good. i really loved Carole Hanah's collection, but Irina's collection was so well put together! did you watch it? what did you think?


Anonymous said...

the color is perfect! they are a lot lighter than their friends. they all look delicious.

Bagladee said...

Ooooh its lovely!! Good enough to eat. x


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