Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

i hope everyone is having a good Valentine's Day. i wanted to show you a commissioned piece i just finished for my friend, Greg.

love sushi

Greg asked me to make two sushi plushies that represents him and his girlfriend, Emily. his favorite sushi is the fresh crab meat asparagus and old bay roll, while her's is the spicy tuna. she has snaggles and he has a perpetual 5 o'clock shadow, so i stitched those traits onto their faces and added magnets behind their mouths so they could kiss! i topped it off with hearts stitched on the back of the sushi's with the first letters of their names on it.

love sushi

i got to see them after he had given her the prezzies and she loved it! i'm so glad!



this chickadee said...

you are awesome! happy valentines fings!!

Jessica said...

This is SUCH an adorable gift. I love that you added the "kissing" magnets. Really cute and thoughtful!

Oh, and I noticed you're a Style School Student! Me too! (I just haven't gotten around to doing many of the projects yet, much less photographing them and uploading them to Flickr!)

Pang said...

B - thanks you lovey!!!

Jessica - you're in Style School too?!? that's great! i'm not all caught up on the projects either, but i'm excited to see your's!


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