Monday, February 15, 2010

Artist Love

if you haven't heard of Danny Brito, you might want to listen up. Danny is an amazing illustrator based in Miami, Florida. his works are an explosion of colors.

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works with acrylics and colored pencils (my favorite) on brown paper...

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...and he is also a plush maker! we both had works in Stitch Wars! what a small world. oh! and check out this adorable Bear plush tutorial!

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add shoe designer on top of that too!

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uh! i don't need to go into detials why i love his art so much. this guy is straight up versitile...and he even likes building forts!!!! check out his Flickr for more amazing works of art. and if you get so smitten with his work and that want to own one, you could visit his ETSY shop. Danny is also open for commissions through The Polariod Project.

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heck yes! i can't wait till i get one for our new place! now i have to go find a decent photo of J and i. ah! i LOVE his work!

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