Friday, April 2, 2010

Foto Fun Friday: Devil Eggs

in the past few days, i've been working on plush Easter eggs. i thought it would be a great idea for Easter gifts, but alas, i was bested.

after my third attempt (today), i am finally giving up. third attempt? you might ask. why yes! but i'm so embarrassed by my first egg that i'm not even going to show you. last night i made a second attempt, and the egg came out looking more like chicken nuggets. J mentioned that i should use tie-dyed fabric, so it would look more like an Easter egg, and i ended up using purple tie-dyed fleece i had in stock. the result was less than satisfactory...for me at least.

yea, it's really cute and it can actually stand up on it's own (which the other two didn't), but i don't know if it looks 'eggy' enough. hmpf!

adding to my frustration, i broke my favorite vintage saucer while i was making this thing! i might have to send it to The Broken Plate Pendant Co. now...but actually, that's a good thing. hehe. so to make the best of a frustrating situation, i posed the DEVIL EGGS with my broken saucer for a little Foto Fun Friday photograph...

darn these eggs! they look so happy while being so mischievous!

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