Saturday, April 3, 2010

special deliveries!

wow! what a wonderful day this has been!!! it's been gorgeous and to top it off, i got two very special packages in the post this morning!

first is a necklace from Blugrn Designs that i won via the Fiercegrrl Fund auction!

my awesome Blugrn Design necklace via the Fiercegrrl auction!

i absolutely love it, but i think i'm going to save it as a gift for someone's birthday. i'm not telling who though. oh! and if you are interested in bidding for something, there's a great auction going on right now...FREE HAIR COLORING FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!!

and the second package which i will definitely keep is from my dear friend Meaghan. i REALLY love her jewelry and practically have one to wear for everyday of the week, so i couldn't help myself and ordered another hand stitched brooch from her!

yes!! my Oh Ginger brooch has finally arrived!prezzies!!

well, shoot! time flies and i must get going! i have an impromptu photoshoot with a friend at this beautiful little spot i found while exploring this lovely town today. i'll be sure to remember to post some pictures up ASAP!


Meaghan said...

Yes! Finally! I am such a horrible shipper. But I hope the prezzies made up for it. :-) xo

Pang said...

Yes, they did indeed!! And i wore my new brooch today!


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